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Remote Support

If you need remote tech support for your business in UAE, then GGT can help you.  We offer cost-effective and simple solutions for companies and businesses looking for remote computer support.  Our remote support tech staff are all fully-trained and we operate using safe and secure connections so your security will never be compromised.  If you are based in UAE and want remote support services then talk to us today.

What is Remote IT Support?

Remote support is a cheap and affordable service that lets GGT offer remote computer support to your PCs and Hardware from a remote location.  In simple terms it means our business IT support staff don’t actually have to physically be in your office or premises to fix or solve any issues you might be having with your computer or PC.

From our office location we can connect to your network securely, accessing your employee’s computer and control the PC to diagnose and resolve any problems – you can even watch us to do it whilst you wait as you see us control the mouse pointer from our remote support location in Dubai

Our remote IT support services for UAE businesses let you make the most of your money.  This is because there are no call-out fees, you won’t need dedicated and expensive IT support staff on your payroll, and everything can be done securely and safely over an Internet connection.  For additional information and definitions please visit


Remote IT Support – Let Us Take Control

The Benefits to Remote Support 

Our remote IT support services for our London clients is a very affordable solution.  Here are just a few of the benefits you can gain from employing us as your remote IT suppor specialists.

  • It’s safe, secure, and remote.  Only fully-trained remote IT support technicians will have access to your PC and will be the only person logging in to support you.
  • IT remote support is cheap.  No call-out fees and no need to employ your own in-house business IT support function.  All we do is connect and go.
  • We can support you wherever you are.  You don’t even need to be in London. Remote IT support will work anywhere, even if you have taken your laptop on holiday or to a meeting off-site.  We can still access remotely and help you fix any bugs or issues.
  • Tech support from a remote location will save you time.  You won’t need to wait for us to turn up – we can simply login as soon as you are ready once you tell us.
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Remote Support