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Managed Servers to provide vital reliability in your server based network

Server management
Our Server Management package can also include our Desktop Management package, which together will create the perfect solution to desktop and server management problems. It eliminates the majority of common system failures with regulated monitoring, proactive procedures, and quick responses to system warnings.

We’ll enable you to protect your IT with customised user environments that limit users’ access to system tools and resources, drastically reducing the potential problems your users can cause. And you can monitor servers and maintain the health of your network with an enforced list of trusted and unauthorised applications.

Servers optimised to drive your Business forward

Transfer the triple burden of server management, server security and server monitoring to Computrad and let our certified professionals ensure your servers run as smoothly as possible, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

We’ll manage your data server, database server, game server or any other kind of server. And unlike most managed service companies, we can offer service level agreements on all the applications we provide – making sure that you make the most of your IT support investment.

Key Service Features

What the package includes:

Service availability monitoring
Log file maintenance
Server optimization and management
Drive space management
Print server managed services
Server application administration
DB server administration
Backup software administration

An IT technician programming computer equipment in a server room