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For a business seeking to improve IT efficiency, virtualisation should form a key part of its strategy.  With years of experience and unrivalled expertise in this area, Utilize is well-equipped to provide the right virtualisation solution for your organisation to ensure a long term return on investment.

What is Virtulisation ?

Virtualisation is a technology which uses software to emulate multiple computers and servers on a single physical device. Each virtual server requires physical hardware to run on, but multiple servers can coexist on the same physical server. They can also be moved easily from one device to another.

Greater Flexibility at a low cost ?

For your business, virtualisation means a significant reduction in costs along with a host of other benefits. The ability to deploy new virtual servers in just minutes and move workloads effortlessly between virtual workspaces brings greater flexibility to your operations. As a result, this technology will help reduce your carbon footprint, streamline provisions and help achieve higher system availability.

Benifits of Virtulisation

  • Resource provisioning and workload balancing
    Reduces energy consumption and labour costs
    Greater flexibility allowing your infrastructure to adapt quickly to changing needs
    Reduces the need for physical hardware
    An affordable business continuity solution
    Ability to create test/development environments whenever required


Utilize has established strong partnerships with leading industry vendors including IBM, Dell, Hewlett Packard, NetApp and EMC, along with leaders in software virtualisation solutions including Microsoft®, Citrix® and VMware®.

Furthermore, in the field of server management, we have excellent working relationships with Symantec™, Double-Take®, Microsoft and Veeam, to name but a few. These vendor relations afford Utilize clients maximum choice and flexibility in gaining a management solutions centre tailored to their precise requirements.


We understand that no single solution will be right for everyone. That’s why Utilize takes time to identify and analyse the fundamental needs of your business before starting to design the right one for you. Components that we offer in the area of virtualisation include:

  • Virtual servers
    Virtual storage
    Virtual software
    Virtual appliances
    Virtual desktops
    Business continuity
    Disaster recovery
    Virtual networking