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In the new era of more mobile working and collaborative team working, no business can afford to be without a comprehensive wireless solution. At Global Gate, we have over a decade of experience in working with leading edge wireless systems, from secure, point-to-point wireless data communications to the latest Aerohive meshing technologies to build high availability wireless LANs across your organization. And with world class partners including Cisco, you can be sure that we will enable you to access cutting edge technologies to keep you ahead.

Even in these days of advanced wireless comms, many businesses feel there is no substitute for the hard-wired certainty that comes with cabling. We can help you build, maintain and manage your physical cable infrastructure, unravelling the spaghetti to making optimal use of the structured cabling you have in place, and recommending patch upgrades to improve its reach and reliability.

We specialize in the development and maintenance of both Local and Wide Area Networks for clients from to technology to financial services, where every millisecond counts. Site to Site Virtual Private Networks, and complete WAN Optimization.

External threats to business and intellectual property are ever-increasing – and not just from schoolboy hackers. As network security becomes as important as physical security, we offer a complete choice of firewalls from Cisco, Watchguard, Dryatek and other leading suppliers, and range of IPS devices to keep your network free from unauthorised access and prying eyes. And, to test your own network’s robustness and resilience to external threats, we can run full penetration testing, to calculate how your system responds when you least expect it.